Liverlicious is the #1 Best Seller!

We all know how much I love treats and boy have I been able to test a bunch in my day.  I am not that picky, I really don’t know many dogs that are but Kim is picky when it comes to giving me the best made treats.  Kim wants me around for years to come and looks out  food she feeds me.  I guess I’m pretty lucky that she cares about the types of ingredients that are in the treats and food I eat. Kim has been baking dog treats for along time.  She used to just bake them for me and my buddies when her people friends urged her to take her tasty and healthy treats to the farmers markets and retail shops around Long Island.  Lucky dogs now they can enjoy the wholesome deliciousness of Kim’s home made treats.  All Kim’s treats are great but the #1 Best Selling treat for Life Is Grruff is Liverlicious.  Why you ask well dogs go crazy for these tasty little treats maybe it’s the appealing scent of the all natural chicken or the easy to digest ingredients.  What ever it is they will happily sit, lay down or rollover for a taste of Liverlicious. Need to know how to get Liverlicious and Kim’s other healthy treats check out the “Where to Buy” section of the website!





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