What We Really Want for Christmas!


I just love the holidays ….gifts, food and family all around!  I thought I would set all of you dog owners straight on what us dogs REALLY want for the holidays.  Here is my top 10 list of great and useful holiday gifts for us dogs!

10. A Smelly Shoe

9. To sit on the couch or your bed

8. The Leftovers: basically anything you would throw in the trash

7. A New Collar, I like the one from Life Is Grruff…just sayin’!

6. A Chew Toy I cannot destroy in 2 minutes

5. Livericious Dog Treats, (a whole package please)

4. A Romp in the snow or mud

3. Something warm to wear when it’s cold outside, our fur is not that warm.

2. Treats: Waggin Wheels, Muddy Paws, etc. (a whole package please)

The #1 thing we dogs want is more time with our owners!!!

Happy Holidays from Life Is Grruff!


Life Is Grruff & Other Stuff!

Believe me I couldn’t be more thrilled with the treats that Kim (my mom) makes and sharing them with my new brother,  who seems to really like them too!  Boy he has a ton of energy I am sure glad that we can keep up with him, although he does try to wake me up from my naps to “play” allot! What was I talking about….oh yea, I am very excited to introduce to all you humans the new stuff that Kim & Andrew have been working on for Life Is Grruff,  I just call it the “other stuff”.  Now available are a line of cotton t-shirts & sweatshirts,blankets, bags and cool new accessories for us dogs like harnesses  and leashes all with fun graphics and our awesome logo!  I know what your thinking “that is the pretty cool” and the best part is they make great gifts for us dogs and our moms & dads….wow Kim is so smart.  I hope you take a moment to check out our new apparel & accessories as the holidays are right around the corner. My next blog will be the top ten list of stuff us dogs REALLY want for the holidays!



It’s Official….I have a New Brother!

Things were just great…..or so I thought! ImageLife was good from my perspective it was just Kim & me hanging out making treats, eating treats, eating more treats. Then one day she brought home a tank, no literally he was huge (4 inches taller than me).  Tank is a goofy teenager with the mentality of a child. He doesn’t know his own strength, (you should see the couch).  At first I was really hoping he was only visiting us, but then I realized he was not going anywhere.  He respected my stuff and the fact that I get the first batch of Healthy Dog treats that come out of the oven.  Once we established the house rules we got along great.  Tank is actually quite loving and a great protector and I must admit I do not hate having him around.

Kim adopted him from ARF (animal rescues fund of the Hampton’s). He was surrendered by his owner to East Hampton animal control and then ARF took him in. When we (Kim & I) adopted him he was 85 lbs and 20 lbs under weight. Now after 3 weeks he has put on ten pounds and is happy. He loves to be outside but can sleep all night in bed without moving. Life just got a little sweeter and more interesting with Tank around.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  This is so exciting I get to express my point of view and finally tell my side of the story.  It all started when my “mom” Kim brought me home and immediately let me run the household, she really spoiled me and admittingly I loved it.  Yeah I really had it made but ……then I had this itchy feeling in my mouth and needed to scratch it by biting anything I could find shoes, sticks, anything.  FYI the people do NOT like it when we chew their stuff.  OK lesson learned!  I have to say the best part about being me is the food, did I mention I love to eat.  Lucky for me my mom loves to cook; yea that’s right she loves to cook treats for me.  Not just any treats she makes these amazing, delicious, treats with all kinds of yummy  good for you stuff in it.  I would definitely say that Life Is GRRUFF because my mom loves to cook for me. Whenever my “friends” visit they ask for some of those yummy treats too. “C’mon mom, those are mine!”, I would yell out.  Mom loved sharing my treats with all our friends and soon a business was born!  Liverlicious are my favorite, made with Chicken Liver & Whole Wheat Flour; I would do almost anything for these treats!  My mom’s friend Andrew joined her and they became business partners, working together to make and sell ‘MY’ treats to dogs everywhere, lucky dogs!Image